Lets go explore together!

I started this wedding business with the long term goal of getting to photograph some amazing couples in some epic locations. That passion is still burning and along the way I have grown to really desire more travel, more adventure, more laid back and intimate days.

I have been shooting a lot of smaller weddings these days and with the way things are going I almost encourage people to seriously consider eloping. There has always been a stigma around it and it is not for everyone, but for those of you that have the adventurous heart, the wandering soul, the couple that like to be a little spontaneous, this might be the option for you. Don’t worry though, a lot of planning goes into and I am here to help you do so. From choosing your location, to helping decide whether you want a sunrise or sunset elopement, helping you choose a dress, all of it. You won’t be alone in the planning process. Thats a blog post for a different day though.

This post is about how we can help each other get awesome photos in awesome locations. How you ask? This post will have a variety of locations that I am looking to shoot in for either an elopement, engagement session, vow renewal or a bridal portrait session (getting back in the dress, get some wicked florals). If you book with me and choose one of these locations im going to offer my services at a discounted rate. All of my elopement and vow renewal packages are customized but start at $1100.00 and go up from there. My portrait sessions for an engagement session, or bridal portraits start at $370.00 and go up depending on travel.

So those are just some basic numbers but included in the elopement and vow renewal packages is the day of coverage, all the digitals in an online gallery, and a small 8×8 album. Upgrades available for the album. On my website I will be adding a page all about elopements and the different options. They dont always have to be on a mountain top, they can be at the ocean, at a tree house, on a lake, in another state, (in Canada. Hello Banff). The options are endless really. But think about the adventure of a lifetime starting with an actual adventure. A sunrise hike, a sunset swim, a gondola ride to the top of your fav ski resort. whatever you can imagine.

I am going to make a separate post all about eloping, detailed costs, anything I can think of that might be helpful to you for making that decision. If Covid restrictions dont lift and you dont want to wait to get married, why not take advantage. Save some money, have an amazing experience and get great photos in the process..Now for the good part, below is the list of locations with Links to Pinterest or the internet so you can see photos from those locations.

Come on, lets get going!

Indian Head NY and Rainbow falls

This location has some of the most incredible views ive ever seen, especially in the fall when the leaves are glowing

Sleeping Beauty Mountain and lake George

Honestly anywhere in Lake George will get you a discount. Ive been going to LG for 20 years now and counting.

Hope lake trail Telluride CO

I mean its co so. the pictures speak for itself

Spruce peak in VT

its more venue for those that like a less active route for your elopement

Ok I’m going to leave it at that, all other locations are optional these locations will get you a discount however 🙂