I’m here for the couple that
wants to shake it up a little. You know the people who want to color outside the lines and step outside the box? Those are my kinda people.

Kick tradition
to the curb and embrace the kinda photos that YOU WANT.

I didn’t love the feeling of stiff tradition I had at my own wedding and now I’m on a mission to help clients avoid:

I’m a mom of three, wife, and photographer based in New Jersey, will travel for wedding cake

hey there,
i'm alyssa!

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The comparison trap—­you don’t need to compare your wedding or photos to anyone else’s.

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Feeling forced to
fit a mold because of what you saw on Pinterest or IG.

3 / 3

Stressing about all the details. Hand it over to me, friend.
I gotcha covered.

When it comes down to it, this day is yours. Free yourself to go against the grain even if not what your great aunt had in mind. (Pssst…it’s your day not hers anyway. Embrace it, friend.)
you don't need to have a 5 page document planning out every minute of your day.

The most important
thing for you to know
about me is that I’m an advocate for clients taking back their wedding day.

Here's the deal.

My new studio in New Jersey is the perfect spot to photograph the stage you’re in.

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