Adapt, adapt, adapt

I give so much credit to all of my wedding couples. I literally have no others words for this time other than “This S*** sucks”. The uncertainty of their wedding plans has been daunting and frustrating. The unknown of whats going to come of their day, their plans, can take a lot of the joy out of getting married. But you know what, all of my couples so far have been really keeping a positive attitude. Because the truth of the matter is, there is nothing any of us can do about it. We adapt, we change plans and we push through.

When christian and Amanda came to the conclusion to push their august 8th wedding to next July they decided they wanted to do another shoot, a change the date session if you will, inspired by this historic time. I couldn’t say no, of course I would never say no to my couples lol we can shoot 8 engagement sessions if thats what you want ahaha. So we picked a date, it was threatening to Rain and was windy as hell but it worked, it was a great evening at spring lake beach and divine park. I love this location because it offers the variety of shooting in a green park with trees and bridges and then a walk down the street to end your session on the beach. So enjoy the images from this change the date session and cheers to these guys and their July 2021 wedding!