Booking an Airbnb is such a great way to get some intimate lifestyle shots for your engagement or couples session! These two shoots in particular, took place at 2 Airbnb locations in Remsen, NY: The A-Frame and the Ultra Luxury Treehouse. One of the best parts about using an Airbnb for your shoot location is that you can utilize all areas of the location including the surrounding property. It allows you to incorporate all the unique features of whatever Airbnb you chose and gives you the chance to get intimate and enjoy yourselves, cooking, chilling, hot tub, snow, pools, outdoor showers. Nothing is off limits!

This is a great option for winter shoots, or something different than your typical outdoors session and allows for quick and easy outfit changes. Here are some things to keep in mind when browsing Airbnb’s for your shoot:

  1. Pick a location that speaks to you as a couple (ex. cozy + woodsy, breezy + beachy, mountains + snowy)

  2. Pay attention to small details like the color of furniture, vintage appliances, etc. that would make for unique photos!

  3. Make it fun! Book it for a weekend, and spend some time on a mini-getaway. You’ll be more relaxed and comfortable for your photos if you have time to unwind with each other.