I know guys, another blog, another chat, another informational piece about the Coronavirus. But I feel obligated to write this and speak to my clients and my audience during this time of trouble. We are all dealing with it in our own ways and we are all being affected by it in our own different ways. As a small business owner I am being hit, as a mom I am being hit, BUT I will say I am more than thankful that I get to be home with my girls and that my husband made it home from his deployment before the travel bans. My family might be stuck inside but we are stuck inside together. Also on another note it is getting nicer out and you MUST take advantage of every opportunity you have to get outside. Even if its just a walk around the block or up the street, whatever you can do to get that fresh air and vitamin D.

It so important we focus on self care and inner healing during this time so that we don’t lose ourselves. It is so easy to get caught up in the social media and the articles and the comments and stories from those on our instagram and facebook timelines. You have to do what is right for you, stay informed but dont be consumed by it. I started muting certain things on my timeline and only read reputable sources if I need to catch up on the latest. I don’t sit on my phone all day to avoid the black hole of scrolling and getting anxious. If that is something you need to do you have to take the initiative and do what’s right for YOU.

I also suggest making a list, maybe a list of things you want to get done or a routine. Have a closet you’ve been wanting to organize but didn’t have the time? Have a book you’ve been wanting to read? Now is the time to catch up on all of those things that bring you joy that maybe you’ve been casting aside due to other responsibilities.

Now for those that have weddings coming up, I KNOW this is the most stressful time of your lives right now. You’re planning your wedding and then all of a sudden you get blindsided and your not even sure if you’ll be able to have your wedding. DO NOT PANIC. OK I’m giving you a 10 second chance to panic, get it out, scream, cry, curse the heavens. Done? Ok cool. Back to what we can do to help YOU.

You have options and you should never feel like you dont. Whether I’m your photographer or someone else is, reach out to them if they haven’t reached out to you. Let them know as soon as you think you have to make changes to your wedding. They will be more than happy to help you figure this out.

Things you can do if your venue says no weddings based on the group limits set in place

  1. ask them what their next available date is

  2. elope on your date, have party later

  3. move your whole date to the next open date

  4. do not cancel completely

Work with your vendors, ask your venue when they have dates open, then ask your photographer and other vendors what they have open and try to finds a date that works for everyone, don’t forget to think about Fridays and Sundays. I am not charging rescheduling fees for having to move your date during these circumstances.

Eloping might not be for everyone, but if you chose your date for a reason and you are set on that date and cant image saying I do any other time, then this might be the best option for you. Take this opportunity to explore a new place, pick an epic location secluded and isolated from the masses (lol) and bring your photographer, an officiant and some witnesses and we will have an epic day no matter what.

Need an officiant. My sister is ordained lol I will find someone to marry you. Got a cousin? you have an officiant.

Then you can have your party at a later date that the venue provides and we’ll party on. I also will not charge additional rates or fees for having an elopement and a rescheduled reception. I will be at both and for the price you booked me for.

Of course then there is the option of moving your entire date to the new day and that is an amazing idea if that is the course you wish to take. Again no charge for rescheduling.

I say do not cancel entirely because as a small business owner it helps me stay afloat by not canceling completely. And with all of those options, there really is no reason to cancel or postpone indefinitely. Don’t let this virus stand in the way of love and your marriage. The world needs love, hope and celebration during this time. More than ever we need the love, the reasons to pop champagne and celebrate (from 6 feet away )

So please, if you are in need of a photographer or I am your photographer and you are going through it please reach out because I am here to help ease your troubles and we will all get through this together.

I wish the best to everyone, stay away from places and people and take this time to slow down, reflect and heal.

Much Love


Oceans To Mountains Photography