There is a special place in my heart for proposals. They are so special and unique and the whole process of planning the perfect moment makes me smile. Its engagement season so I thought this the best time to share some moments from a recent proposal that took place at the beautiful Rolling Green Farm in Long Valley NJ. Anthony picked the perfect little farm and it was a beautiful day, cold but it was sunny and there was snow on the ground. It was perfect. I got there early enough to help pick the perfect spot on the farm and his cousin and her wonderful boyfriend set up all the decorations, I of course captured the whole process.

I truly believe in the process and how special every moment is. Not just the final moment of asking the question. But having all of these images of it coming together from the beginning to the end is magical.

They did wonderful job of making this spot so perfect.

Capturing all the little details is always a fun part for me, to preserve those details that were thought about so meticulously, things you probably were thinking didnt matter, well they matter, and having a photographer capture them for you is priceless.

Now for the best part… the surprise.

And to say Melissa was surprised would be an understatement. She was very confused lol


But the moment could not have been anymore perfect for these two. Congratulations again to Melissa and Anthony on your engagement thank you again for letting me photograph this special moment for you Both and best wishes!