Getting ready photos are a crucial part of your wedding day.  It showcases all of the nerves, tears, excitement between those closest to you, and the process of what it took to get ready for your wedding.  Trust me, YOU WANT these photos to look great.  Here’s my top five tips on getting the best getting ready photos.

Tip one: Clean up your space

This one is SO crucial when it comes to getting ready photos.  If you don’t want garbage, food trays, dress steamers, make-up, undergarments, etc in your photos make sure to talk with your getting ready party to help keep it clean!  It’s so easy to let your space get disorganized and cluttered, but it will FOR SURE show up in your photographs.  A quick tip, designate a spot for personal items, and be sure to stick to it.

tip two: Chose a room with the best natural lighting

The more natural light, the better!  When picking where you should put on your dress, pay attention to the lighting.  Large windows with blank, neutral walls will look the best for photographs. Some of the best places to get ready are your own home, a nice Air BNB, a hotel suite, or a classic bed and breakfast.  
Pay attention to the artificial lighting theses spaces use.  Any heavily artificial light with lack of windows might make for a strange overcast on your skin.  If you’re going to utilize a church’s getting ready room, just ask for them to see it beforehand!  

Tip Three: Have your wedding details ready to go

It’s so nice and convenient when you have your wedding details set aside for when I get there!  This helps with efficiency and time management.  When everything is in your getting ready space, I can set up quickly and efficiently.  Details can take a bit of time, but having them ready to go and set aside will definitely help speed up the process!

Tip four: Schedule hair + makeup for on location

This can help with stress and time management.  Sometimes hair and make-up will go over time which can feel a bit stressful.  Usually your hair and make up artist will try everything for that NOT to happen. BUT, If they’re already on location you don’t have the added stress of driving to your getting ready location.  By having your hair and make up done on location you will also have photos of that process too.  It really showcases almost every aspect of your wedding day. 

Tip Five: EAT!

EAT!  EAT!  EAT!  Okay, seriously… You don’t want low blood sugar on your wedding day.  Especially if you have alcohol.  Grab a light snack that’s filled with protein.  It’ll help so much! 

Bonus tip: HAVE FUN!

This is the most important… have fun! Throw some tunes on, have a few drinks… and make it a freaking great time!

I hope that helps when you’re planning! Get in touch to inquire about your wedding day!