Kellie and Nick’s engagement session took place at the Waterloo Village that is located in Township, New Jersey. Kellie had mentioned in her intake form that her and Nick enjoyed going to breweries and especially Dogfishhead beer. We definitely took the time to incorporate that into their session. Kellie started off in a beautiful red dress with their dog and switched into cute jeans and a top to allow for more movement. I definitely encourage you to wear what feels comfortable. Two different options is great! The cutest thing I found about these two was how long they had been together. Over 10 years of partnership and you could tell the chemistry was there!

Waterloo Village
A little history about Waterloo Village in Township, New Jersey. It started as an old canal town that transported goods (mostly coal) in the early 1830’s. As time progressed, the railroad became bigger, faster, and the preferred method for transportation. The canal would freeze during the winter months, which made transportation almost impossible. Eventually, the railroad completely took over and by the 1920’s Waterloo Village became a ghost town. In the 1960’s, they began the restoration process and you can now see all the beautiful buildings and pathways. It was really a great location for a low-key, down to earth couple.

Thanks so much Nick + Kellie!