I want to talk a little bit about what you can expect from me when you bring me into your lives and relationship to trust me with one of the most important days of your lives. And yes I say lives and relationships and even families because I like to involve myself in as much as I can through out your process. From day one, promptly responding to your inquiry, your email, your DM, I am present for my clients when they need me! Client relationships are just that, a relationship, it needs to be tend to and cared for and loved for it to flourish. My brides and grooms and couples of all varieties to me, are friends, if you can’t say that you have made a new friend (that’s me, your new friend lol) then I didn’t do my job correctly. It goes way deeper than taking a good photo for you to post on social media after your wedding is over, but creating that never want to forget experience from day 1.

It starts with making sure that if you needed a florist and are having trouble, that I can help you find one, if your family is giving you a hard time about the dress you absolutely love, sending you champagne and a love note that says “BUY THE DAMN DRESS” (they will love you no matter what you wear). Holding your hand if you have a moment of uncertainty at any time during the process how ever long it may be. I pride myself on being a feeler, a lover and an adventurous soul. I find happiness in the unknown and taking risks, living life a little more on the edge but prepared for anything and everything. I hope to carry those qualities over into my work as a photographer. I see things differently than others and I love that about myself. Capturing the photo of grandmas hand on your shoulder in a brief moment you thought no one else was paying attention too, the too drunk sister on the dance floor singing your childhood throw back in your face as loud as she can all while being able to show that love and bond between you two and how proud she is of you. The look of longing and devotion your groom throws across the room your way when you weren’t looking and had no idea. Those are the moments that you will want to remember, not the perfectly posed photos, but the raw moments in time that can not be recreated.

Whether you want to get married by the ocean or on a mountain or anywhere in between, by hiring Oceans To Mountains Photography (thats me, Alyssa) as your wedding photographer I ensure that there will be tons of laughter, tears, some ridiculous dance moves and a cuss word here or there (take me or leave baby, this is me) but most importantly I will deliver to you images that will have you feeling all over again for years to come.